Linnea Smith


The Journal of an American Doctor Practicing Medicine on the Amazon River

La Doctora is Linnea Smith's first book. By the light of kerosene lamp, Linnea painstakingly recorded her journey into the Amazon Rainforest and a new life. Today Linnea administers to about 250 Amazon river people a month, most of whom arrive at her small clinic via dugout canoe.

A native of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Linnea was never one to follow a conventional path. After a series of jobs and travels that included living in Germany and owning her own business, Linnea entered medical school at the age of 30. She received board certification in internal medicine from the University of Wisconsin Medical School at Madison and then moved to a small town in rural Wisconsin to start a practice.

Linnea says she was perfectly content in her post graduate life. Her practice was thriving. She loved living close to friends and family. On weekends, you could find her enjoying a favorite pastime: motorcycling along the rolling hills of southern Wisconsin .

But one visit to an exotic, faraway region would change all that.

In 1990, Linnea vacationed in the Amazon Rainforest of Peru. She spent two weeks living in a thatch hut, eating luscious tropical fruit off the forest floor, and paddling beneath the thick green cathedral of rainforest vegetation. She returned to Wisconsin only to pack her bags. She was returning to Peru permanently.

For those of you interested in knowing more about life in the rainforest, Linnea has written a book about her experiences. It is titled La Doctora and has been published by Pfeifer-Hamilton Publishing of Duluth, Minnesota. The ISBN number is 1-57025-140-1 and the cost is $14.95. It can be ordered through bookstores such as Amazon or Barnes and Noble or the publisher at The telephone number is 1-800-247-6789.

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